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"My name is Avi Rivkind. Actually Professor Avraham Rivkind, but no one calls me anything but Avi. As Chief of Trauma at Hadassah Hospital I've seen thousands of terror victims. I had that familiar sinking feeling this week when terror returned to Jerusalem. But my team, formed with the world's best physicians, nurses and technicians is ready. We trained the team in Boston that successfully dealt with the Marathon bombing. We dealt with the wounded this week. We save lives.

But we need your help. At Hadassah Hospital, in our new Tower, we've been waiting to open the next generation of operating rooms four stories beneath ground. Our team and our patients need to be safe as rockets fly above our heads and terrorists try to demoralize and injure us. We never know what is going to come next. We simply don't have the final funding to complete this project. Please join us in saving lives in Jerusalem."

The underground Surgical Center

The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower is more than a hospital; it is a strategic site in times of war that provides a citadel of healing, a sanctuary of peace, and a promise to serve the people of Israel.

The Surgical Center located on the -4th level, has a special and unique role to play in medical care in Israel.

The Center was placed underground in order to be able to function as a wartime hospital if needed. It is provides Israel with a full Emergency Preparedness Hospital. By locating the Surgical Center underground, it is protected from air strikes, and chemical and biological attacks.

The Surgical Center will be equipped with the best and most advanced technology to ensure the very best care and treatment for the patients. Unfortunately, the Center is not yet fully equipped to function and serve all those who need surgery, including those who have been war victims.

Hadassah needs your help to equip the Surgical Center as soon as possible so that we can continue to save lives.

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Your donation can play a key role in the realization of these goals and helping our people.

It is critical that we complete the Tower Surgical Center now!
For soldiers, for civilians, for the people of Israel, for the future.